Scarface will be mainly focused on the unique Utilities, offering its users a smooth trading experience.

Our community and partners can tap into the next generation of financial innovation through our decentralized exchange, utility Token, staking, Charity token, Lottery for their investors,
Transparent and globally accessible way.
About Charity :- Which you can select which NGO to donate money , you can donate via ay crypto currency or use $SFL token to donate.
Lottery:- In lottery system where users can buy different tickets and win big prize.
As you guys can see we have 4 type of prizes $60, $100, $250 and last one which is $550.
In first lottery system where our prize is $60 and per ticket rate is $10 and in this pool we have total 10 tickets,
For explanation if our all tickets will sold so we get total $100 but our PRIZE IS $60
SO we will send $60 to winner and other amount we will use for buy back.

How to win this Lottery :-

In this lottery if you want to win huge prize so it's very simple , more you buy lottery ticket so that much chance you will win Lottery prize.
Approximately if all tickets will sold so half anount is for winner and half amount for buy back.
Basically our main goal is maintain our token price and people will hold for juicy reflections+ lottery prizes.

Staking :

In staking we have 4 types of apy;
Lock period is minimum 7 days till maximum 90 days.
More tokens you lock for more period of time so you get more apy.
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