Team Background, how did you start doing crypto?
Team have more than enough experience , working in different top projects as a team, have experience since 2017
How many members and what roles - names (or Tg names) and roles for the members
In our team we have several Team members which including "Core team 2 development Members, have 3 Professional Designers, 2 experienced Marketers, 1 Social Media Manager.
Marketing strategies applied and upcoming
Team Planned Huge marketing and already Discussed with top tier Influencers.
Is the contract developed in house or did you hire 3rd party dev
Dev have experience but we decide hire pinksale dev to keep investor safe and also we will audit the contract with Certik
Private sale tokens vested? how?
No Private sale
What makes your project unique
We have very Experienced team+ we have unique utilities like Charity so it's our uniqueness.
How will you bring investors to it (here expand the marketing strategies)
We will Cover whole market and book influencers from tiktok platform, YouTube platform.
How will your project stand in regards to its competition?
We have juicy Reflections + Juicy Lottery prizes .
Is this project strictly for experienced people in the Crypto space or can an entry level join as well
Every one can invest in our token and earn good amount easily.
Given the poor market conditions that we are seeing, how do you plan on creating traction and sustaining long term?
We have very Experienced team + we will announce our more Unique utilities in future as well so it creates more traction in bear Market.
What makes your project safe and secure towards its investors
Our dev is SAFU, KYC, AUDIT, all done + we have SAFU Badge on PinkSale platform for security of investors.
How did you come up with the Idea for the project?
Our team worked in Crypto field since 2017 so now we want to give good utility Token to our Investors that's why we create this project.
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